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E Club How What Where When Why!

E Club is a Business - "Your own online business"

Write about what your passionate about and earn $
"The more you write the more you share and tell others about your blog the more successful you will  become".

We are continuing to expand globally and are looking to connect with people who
are considering self-employment or homes based business, or are seeking to run a
business alongside what they are currently doing, or want a more flexible
working lifestyle. If you've ever dreamed about what it would be like to be a
part of a movement that will change the way our country thinks, acts and
achieves results, then respond back now.

Your about to start on what could be a lifelong Blogging journey, making money from Google every month.
If you can write then you can own your very own E Club Members Blog.
Facebook is one thing but E Club helps you make money from writing about anything you know about! The concept is very easy. We host and upload your blogging website. You start writing about any subject, like cooking, kids, repair tips, health and the list goes on.

Google Ads are placed on your blog which gives you a cash income and paid every month from Google, you don't deal with us on getting paid but straight from Google.

I have many blogs and make money every month.
We are a club and only members get access to our blogging software. From there your blog is listed in the E Club Members Directory so you have instant readers and backlinks to your blog. Don't think it's just a blog, it's more than that, and your job is only to write and visit the directory for an hour a week. The more you blog the more readers you get and if they are interested in the ads on your blog you get paid, " NOT a get rich fast " option. The more time you put into your "Business" the more you will get out of it.

What would an extra $1000 do for you right now! and then every month.

This is E Club.

We wanted you to share you blog and show other how to make money like you do, and of course the members the more money we all make, so we built the affiliate system, tracking who goes to your blog and who wants to make money online just like you. We give you a commission, a finder’s fee to keep the word spreading about E Club.

Now it's not a lot but if you tell one person you get $40 when they sign up. "Nice" you ask your friends to visit your blog and if at any time in the next year they sign up you still get the $40. I make the money on hosting their site and you get the setup fee. Next want more income! If they do the same and tell someone who joins you get $10 from that sale too! "Cool"

2 income streams one from Google and the other from sharing your blog. It really is that simple, we have put years of hard coding into making an easy to use blog and tracking system to make it easy for you to run your own online business. Buuuuuuut, there is always a but.
This is your own business and you need to tell people about your blog and your need to dedicate at least one hour a week to being a club member and writing your blog. If you can do that, then you’re on your way.
Make money even when your asleep.

Now hold on - this blog of yours will go world wide - not just local but everyone in the world with a computer has access to what your writing about.

START today join E Club HERE

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Chris Walker

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